Find a Lodger

Finding your perfect housemate is really time consuming. With writing adverts and doing interviews, and then getting references, sorting out payments - the list goes on and on… Or we could do it all for you.

Advertising the Room

We will come and visit your property and do a rental assessment based on market trends. We’ll then take images and market the room to potential tenants on our website and property portals.

Matching with lodger

We will screen and interview the people who are interested and then introduce you to the ones we believe will be a good match for you.


We’ll do all the referencing and contract for you – simple!

Monthly rent/fee taken

£50 per month, or £300 fee if the contract is less than 6 months.

Each month when your housemate pays their rent we’ll deduct our monthly fee, and deposit the rest into your bank account.